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Our soft drinks are a masterpiece that blends unique flavor and sophistication. We pride ourselves on delivering a refreshing drinking experience, from our wide selection, from fresh fruit flavors to just the right amount of sweetness. Savor every drop of your sweet drink, where aroma and flavor meet to create an unforgettable, delicious moment.

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Exquisite Soft Drink - A Blend of Flavor and Refreshment

Welcome to our world - where exquisite flavors and perfect refreshment combine to create a novel and exciting drinking experience. We are proud to introduce our line of soft drinks, where every drop is an enchanting adventure.

Outstanding Features:

Unique Flavors: Enjoy unique and rich flavors, from fresh fruit to delicate herbs. We don't just provide soft drinks, but a work of taste art.
No Synthetic Sugar: We understand that health is important. Therefore, our soft drinks contain no synthetic sugar, making them a good choice for those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Best Water Quality: We take care of every little detail to ensure that your soft drinks are not only delicious but also safe and pure.
Artistic Design: We believe that every soft drink bottle is a work of art. With unique and luxurious designs, we provide special spaces for every occasion.

Committed to Environmental Protection: We are committed to reducing plastic waste and supporting environmental protection initiatives. Every time you enjoy our soft drinks, you are also doing your part to protect our planet.
Immerse yourself in a world of refined and refreshing flavors with our soft drinks. Here, we don't just provide a product, but an authentic experience for your soul. Drink one drop, you will feel the difference!

Thank you for accompanying us on this flavor journey.

Additional information
Size XXL
Product Code CW-DEMO-SO25
Type Puree
Feature Normal
Place of Origin Vietnam
Certification BRC, FDA, FSSC
Delivery Time Within 20 day after receiving official and deposit
Logistics Information Ho Chi Minh, Viet nam
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Container 20 ft
Volume 330ml
Package * 24 pcs/ carton * 2377 cartons/ cont 20 FT
Packaging Can, OEM, Bottle, Bulk, Can (Tinned)
Packaging Details 24 cans per carton -Can: 200ml, 250ml, 320ml, 330ml, 500ml -Bottle: 200ml, 250ml, 290ml, 300ml, 350ml, 500ml -PP Bottle: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml,2000ml -Glass Bottle: 250ml, 280ml, 290ml, 300ml, 340ml -Pouch: 100ml, 150ml, 300ml, 1000ml * 12 or 24 Cans/Bottl
Primary Ingredient calamansi
Shelf Life 24 months
Model Number NW000001
Processing Type Fresh-Squeezed
Purity (%) 10
Brix (%) 10
Juice 30 - 70%
MOQ 1 Container 20FCL
Selling Point Free Label Design, Private Label
Packing Aluminium can
Ingredient Calamansi juice
Services Design-based customization
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