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Migration an EC site for E-Commerce Solutions Company

Migration an EC site for E-Commerce Solutions Company
September 6, 2023
Migration an EC site for E-Commerce Solutions Company

The Challenge

Our customer is an IT company that specializes in eCommerce solutions. Their client had an eCommerce site for their buyers in South East Asia, however, this website had limitations:

  • Outdated interface
  • Poor user experience
  • No functionality for global shipping or global payment

The decision to move the site to Magento was based on cost savings and future functionality expansion.  They needed a partner with Magento experience for this migration.

Our Solution

CO-WELL Asia has more than 10 years of experience developing E-commerce websites and many successful Magento implementations.  We facilitated the migration to the Magento platform, delivering improvements including:

* For users:

  • Attractive modern interface
  • Optimized user experience
  • Integration with external systems, including an international payment gateway and logistics systems suitable for each Southeast Asian country

* For admin:

  • Improved site management through the integration of  Netsuite, an enterprise resource management software
Developing new features for existing E-commerce site of Thailand Customer
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